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Escola ao Lado (School Next Door). Lesson #2: Só Bumba na Chicala. 


Escola ao Lado is composed of a series of itinerant lessons that simultaneously challenge and elicit learning schemes in the present vernacular. Under the curation of researcher Ana Cristina Cachola, the project aims to deconstruct the hierarchies in the scholastic apparatus and question the rigidity of current models of knowledge production and circulation. Performative, expository, interventive: in this school, the participatory structure is horizontal, without the existence of hierarchies or fixed roles – knowledge constructs itself and is in the open.


Só Bumba na Chicala was the second lesson of this itinerant project , and, as has become familiar with Rita GT, the exhibition counts on the collaboration of other artists, which made the opening of the exhibition a unique moment of sharing creativity and artistic energy, with interventions by José Luis Mendonça, Indira Grande, poeta dos pés descalços, Levarte Movement, various musicians and other artists who shared their testimony. Moments of spontaneous performances, critical reflection and dialogue.


The transformation of the Chicala 2 - a traditional and historic neighborhood situated on the heart of Luanda, capital city of Angola, that has been under a great pressure for the last years by the real estate market, the inheritance of the Axiluanda people, the public and private experience, a tribute to the informal art school “Só Bumba”, are some of the questions highlighted at this lesson #2. As the curator Ana Cristina Cachola confirms, “In this school all voices are heard.” 

Apart from the collection of works that were created during a residency in Chicala, the Só Bumba na Chicala's lesson had also included a diversified and unusual program of poetry, drawing and sharing ideias classes/performances during the exhibition period.


The exhibition opened on November 23rd 2018 at MOVART and end in  January  30rd 2019, Luanda, Angola.

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