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Artistic residency programme and participation at the 1st Biennale of Príncipe, São Tomé and Príncipe: Floripesfera.

During my residency, I initiated a series of encounters with local artists, carrying out several initiatives, collaborations, proposals, and joint works.

This performance is one of the results of those intensive encounters, alongside the radio programme developed in collaboration with the artists Marilá Dardot and Héctor Zamora:

“Depressão Tropical” [Tropical Depression], 2019

A tropical depression occurs when a lowered pressure and an organised atmospheric circulation first appear in the center of a thunderstorm complex.

Situated on tropical waters, the Príncipe region regularly features the formation of tropical depressions.

As part of the artistic residency at Floripesfera, a series of interventions at the local radio station of Príncipe island were made daily by Héctor Zamora, Marilá Dardot, and Rita GT. Taking this as a metaphor, a series of “tropical perturbations” were thought of during long talks under the tropical rain. 

Through music, poem readings, stories, we intended to evoke affinities of our different backgrounds, creating a space of reflection, dialogue, and sharing.

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