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Candonga series, 2015 

Candonga series was part of a main project called A.I.R (African Industrial Revolution)- Revolution will be downloadable, developed within the project Luanda, Angola and exhibited at Tiwani Gallery in London.

The overall aim of the project is to release a work of art directly into a system that depends on digital and analog ideas around free reproduction and distribution, investigating how information is disseminated today.

RitaGT’s ongoing exploration of the condition of the post-modern, peripatetic and itinerant artist. These photographs envisions a system of art making and exhibiting that is no longer tied in with a sense of place, and highlights the status of the artist as an international worker.

In a move to unite artistic forms with utilitarian intentions, Candonga series borrows from the legacy of Constructivist and Bauhaus artists, whose taste for social experiment and revolutionary politics through art and design have evidently inspired RitaGT’s work.

Imitating the internet’s ability freely to reproduce, distribute, borrow and share ideas, the artist creates work that sits within the emerging concept of what has come to be defined as post-internet art. Whilst much of the dialogue around the genre has so far taken place in Europe and North America, GT creates the opportunity to widen the geographical perspective to this discourse.

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